20. Project development

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.

what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

I would say that most of the work is done (circuit ,basic structure ,output ,input ,GUI) ,but I still had some troubles in the communication modules because its not responding to the other circuits and have to keep coding. I needed to make a cool display for the user interface I didn’t want it dull, so I did some artwork that resembles the great work and made it look like a fighting arcade machine. need to work on tidying the design. and hide the wires and make the scale stick to the plat form.

what has worked? what hasn’t?

The communication worked after several trials and I had to make my own RJ45 connector breakout boards with wiring configuration of my own to carry power to the circuits and also to do the communications.

what has worked?

  1. RS485 Communications worked
  2. Lighting Effect While Starting Up The Device And While Taking readings Worked.
  3. Display Unit Worked, with very Instructive and Interactive User Interface features.
  4. Quad Scale Unit Worked After Killing my self In Debugging It.

What have not work?

The weigh scale module have been built for over 4 times and I had trouble finding the problem but until last day I found out the one of the ribbon cables is cut from inside the wire shield it seemed ok but never though that the wires are the problem I kept on changing the circuit unknowingly. but finally decided to test the continuity of the wires. to finally find the problem. because of the time constrains and bottle necks that I faced. I could not make the RFID unit work with the scale because I needed some time to code, but I Fit it regardless if it worked or not.

what questions need to be resolved?

I would like to, find a way to connect the scale to WIFI, and what’s the best method ?

  1. Is to use RFID and the scale will communicate Directly to the server ?
  2. Use the mobile phone to communicate with the scale then upload the results to the server ?
  3. The Possibility of breaking the scale into movable pieces so that they can work together or individually (Scale Unit, Hight Sensing Unit, Display Unit).

i would like to know which is better in matter of data bandwidth, connectivity, security, reliability, design production cost and commercial wise thinking.

what will happen when?

  1. In the Principles and practices week i will sketch the dream unit on paper
  2. In project planning week i will try on think about the step of implementing my final project within the classes time frame, and what to prepare, in matter of electronics and other materials.
  3. In the Computer-Aided Design week i will design the smart scale 3D shape
  4. I will decide what cutting methods i will use in my final project, based on my design structure.
  5. Input Devices week, will program the smart scale with the amplifier.
  6. Output devices i will program the screen, ultrasonic sensor, neo pixel leds
  7. Networking week i will develop the plan for building my own communication protocol and how I send command and read the data from each unit.
  8. Final Project week will assemble all working parts and program them and do several tests. ensuring a successful delivery of dream project.

what have you learned?

  1. Electronics production using milling methods
  2. Soldering SMD components
  3. Learned how to use git hub that will ease up any project development process and tracking.
  4. Learned How to make wood assembly with slots, pockets, Locks
  5. Learned How To Use Laser cutter not only for cutting and engraving but also to make artwork.