10. Molding and casting


Design Files

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  1. I used tinkercad to design the model here I used the text to write the first two litters of my name

  2. To make a hole I used the basic shapes cylinder as a hole creator

  3. to create the base I used the box and then rounded the edges

  4. to finish and combine all parts together I used the combine tool

  5. then click on export as .stl

Milling software

  1. I uploaded my model from file >> open ,we made sure that the orientation is correct and the dimensions too

  2. To start we added the tools for milling the wax from Options >> my tools

  3. After that we chose the type of milling

  4. click on create toolpath ,then edit it and set the material to mill so that the software would generate the feeds ,speeds settings. Moreover, I chose the milling bit

  5. for roughing and finishing we will use the same milling bit which is 1/32 ball nose

  6. To make sure that the milling in the edges will happen I added a slope of 30 degree

  7. For the finishing I used the same milling bit 1/32 ball nose

  8. Then to preview the final result I clicked on show model this will indicate if I will have to adjust or change the milling bits

  9. I zeroed the x,y axis to the middle of the wax and z on the top of the wax

  10. Finally I clicked on start cutting


  1. I draw a X to find the center of the wax

  2. I changed the milling bit to 1/32 ballnose

  3. this vid shows the start of the milling

4.This was the materials and tools I needed

5.for this material I had to mix 18.3g “1-1 ratio” to make the negative mold

  1. for the cast I used jepsum with 1-1 ratio with water

Group Assignment

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