8. Computer controlled machining

For this week assignment I have a problem at home that my fiber internet connection comes out of the wall in a place that wasn’t planned for it. so I have decided to make a table shelf four our home router, because its always on the ground and the wires look ugly.

In order to do the design I need to have

  1. 3D & 2D Like Autodesk Inventor Or Autodesk Fusion
  2. Make A 2D Drawing For The 3D Designed Table (Export From 3D Design)
  3. CNC Machine Software To Plan Your Cutting And Tools & Tool Paths
  4. Prepare The Work Peace
  5. Using The CNC Control Software Start Your Cutting

as the assignment states there should be no nails and it should only be using wood locks

3D & 2D Software

I am going to use the Autodesk Inventor for my designs, since I am comfortable with it, and does the JOB, how ever if you can imagine your 3D shape you can directly design it in 2D and cut it directly without this step. to download the design files

Design Files

Table Front Legs

Table Back Leg

Table Top Face

Table Bottom Face

designing top face with pockets for the back stand and front stand.

Table Locks

I need eight of these locks for the two front legs and 4 for the back legal

Create Drawing

Generate PDF File Format

We generate a pdf file in order to open it with Vcarve software for the shopbot CNC machine.

Steps Of Preparing The File For Tool Paths

Steps Of the Z Axis Zeroing

Download Machining Files Please Click Here

Putting The Design All Together

Group Assignment

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