3. Autodesk Fusion

this 3d design software is a commercial software from Autodesk company it runs on a cloud, you only need to install a client on your computer. most of the processing is don on the server. so you don’t need to worry about hardware limitations. its very good to start using it since you can use the educational version. but it has a draw back if you don’t have internet connection the program will not start.

Design Environment

  1. Tools Ribbon Bar
  2. Objects & Properties
  3. View Navigation Tool Bar
  4. Body Design Time Line

2D Sketch

First thing I have to do I Start My Work As Usual With A Sketch

We have to select the plain we are going to sketch on

After selecting the plane the ribbon toll bar changes to sketch tools

I have taken the measurements on the working areas of the table so. we start our sketch with a circle

Current Table Surface Width = 75 cm

so if we say its going to be on both sides that equals (75cm x 2), and we need our space to move freely inside and I would give it a 1 meter and 30 cm. in total ((75cm * 2) + 130cm)

now we need to make a smaller copy of the circle by using offset tool, with the same size of our movement freedom, so the offset size is (-75cm) it will take it from both sides.

now to complete the table we need a straight area, the current length of the table is (850cm + 750cm)

I draw the same box with same dimension to the other side of the circle, now by using the trimming tool, we cut what’s unwanted and leave what’s wanted.

This is the view after cutting the number markings is the lines where trimmed them

now after having this sketch we need to extrude it to create a body I chose that the table wood will be 1.5 cm thick

now we have one body, we need to create another body which is the leg of the table, then we replicate the legs of the table all around

we draw the table leg out of MDF wood peace in vertical position attached to each other, which means the leg is hollow in the middle

after extruding the leg and attaching assembling it to the table. it looks like this.

I am still working on it, but as an assignment up to here is enough for now.

To Be Continued

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