19. Invention, intellectual property and income

The main idea is to build a smart scale where it can calulate the athletes BMI through their weight and height and then displaying them on the screen, and to tell the user their result not just in numbers but also in text to make then understand what the number means

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Weekly Plan

Week 1

in this week i will draw and vbisualize my final project on a piece of paper. and identify the best way and design from user experiance prospective.

Week 2

in this week i will design a 3d model of my project shape and and revice it, then plan the CNC milling.

Week 3

in this week i have to build 3 microcontroller identical circuits and then build breakout board that reads from two different sensors and one with a display unit. they should communicate with profi bus standerd rs485 protocol to sens and recieve messages

Week 4

build the scale unit with 4 load cells and an amplifier and connect it to the microcontroller unit and the profibus board to be able to receive signals and respond with signals.

Week 5

build the height detection circuit, where we have an ultrasound sensor connected to a microcontroller unit and the to an led strip and to a profi buss unit, to be able to read from the sensor and display lighting pathern, and yet to recive signals and respond to signals through profibuss.

Week 6

build the display panel and connect it with microcontroller unit in order to interact with the user and display informative messages with sound signals and a button, then to a profi buss communication unit in order to send signals to the other modules to order them to some scanning or reading and respond back with information.

Week 7

putting all the pieces togeather and testing the work togeather and debuging errors, and fine tunning, finally give a run test.

Future Plan

in the future i would add internet connectivity with esp32 module and also bluetooth capability in order to communicate with users mobile phones and upload and download data from the scale to the phone and then to the cloud under their profiles.

Imagin the outline possiblilites of the future

since i am an athlete and have been a coach and a national team member, i really know how important for the coach is to keep track of his athletes weights, and also to tell the athlete where he is in the progress of gainning or loosiung weight. so the major plan is to take the smart scale and test it in a club, once i get feedback from several clubs i will find an investor or a co founder in order to bring this product to reality.