13. Applications and implications

The aim of this assignment is to propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered.
I would like to answer the questions here one by one.

  1. What will it do ?
    Its a device that will be used to weigh mass and measure height in order to take snap shots with date and time for a person and upload it to a server to archive. This device will be using WiFi connectivity and send messages to servers using MQTT protocol with publish and subscribe. And to avoid data loss if internet connection fails. we store the data in an SDCARD. once the internet connection is back then the file will be uploaded to the server and then deleted from the device automatically to avoid redundancy of data. this device not only serves sports it can serve the shipping companies for calculating the price for a packages by helping to accurately weight and calculate the volume of the packages. finally this device will be open source so that people can replicate it and can send data to their desired servers by setting up the device on the first time use and can be reconfigured limitlessly.
  2. Who has done what beforehand ?
    there are several people who tried to build a smart scale for specific purposes however they focused on building it as Bluetooth connectable scale for a personal use at home only whereas our application defer since it for a community or a larger segment use case. below are links to the projects mentioned above.
    Open Scale - Mobile App
    Smart Scale - Hardware
  3. What will you design ?

    As I am a former athlete and an electronics engineer. I have developed solutions for sports like TAKONE kicker and, this time I would like to continue that path and build a smart scale where it helps athletes keep track of their weight and prepare for their next tournaments/championships and keep coaches notified of their athletes weight changes to monitor and plan their exercises. this will improve the accuracy of the weigh in process of the tournaments/championships and raise the accuracy levels and group athlete in weight classes as their sport requires to speed up the event starting process.
  4. What materials and components will be used ?
  5. ATTINEY84 Boards
  6. HX711 Digital Weight Scale Amplifier
  7. Quad Load Cell Bridge
  8. SR-04 Ultrasonic Range Meter
  9. XY-017 uController Serial To RS485 Converter
  10. 16 characters X 2 lines I2C LCD Display
  11. Real Time Clock Module
  12. NFC Card Reader / Finger Print Reader / Smart Card Reader
  13. Neo Pixel LED Strip
  14. StepDown Buck Converter form 12v to 3.3v and form 12v to 5v
  15. Two Full Sheets Of 12mm Thickness Plywood
  16. MDF 4mm Front Panel Laser Cut
  17. SMPS 240 VAC to 12 VDC Converter
  18. Where will they come from ?
    some of them I already have them here with my Arduino kit and my old collection of modules since I have started my electronics hobby.
  19. How much will they cost ?
    • HX711 Digital Weigh Scale Amplifier + Load Cells $1.55
    • SR-04 Ultrasonic Range Meter $1.05
    • XY-017 uController Serial To RS485 Converter $0.65 x 3 = $1.95
    • 16 characters X 2 lines I2C LCD Display $1.8
    • Real Time Clock Module $1.07
    • NFC Card Reader $1.39
    • Neo Pixel LED Strip $32
    • StepDown Buck Converter form 12v to 3.3v and form 12v to 5v $0.56 X 2 = $1.12
    • Two Full Sheets 120cm x 240cm x 1.2cm Plywood $23.94
    • MDF 16cm x 21cm x 0.4cm Front Panel Laser Cut $0.5
    • SMPS 240 VAC to 12V 20A Converter $15.59
  20. What parts and systems will be made ?
    • The weight scale body structure will be made with CNC machined 12mm plywood, that’s to make the structure body.
    • The four load cells will be placed on the bottom surface where the person stands on
  21. What processes will be used ?
    • CNC Machining
    • 3D Printing
    • Circuit Designing
    • Embedded Programming
  22. What questions need to be answered ?
    the main questions that need to be answered is this the proper design or it can be modified or change to reduce size and cost should it be connect through communications wires to work or could it be made wireless. the possibility of making it group[ of them working side by side for multi purpose.
  23. How will it be evaluated ?
    currently me and my team TAKEONE are going to test the device with athletes in martial arts clubs and compare the readings with an accurate scale for some period of time and these personals that are going to be our test players will have and id card so we can perform a weight history test.