18. Machine design

The objective of this week is to Work and communicate effectively in a team and independently to make a machine, including the end effector, build the passive parts and operate it manually. And automate and document the work.

Group work

Here is the link for the group assignment which is coffee machine.


Due to the fast pace of our lives, sometiemes, taking a time to make a simple cup of coffee could be a challenge! specially if you’ll have to look for the ingerdients and tools to make and measure your coffee! Our coffee machine is a machine that comes handy in almost every adult daily life. It allows the user to to communicate his personal prefrence of coffee through voice recognition. The machine then take the order and act accordingly. Not only, this high tech feature is what makes our machine special, but also the ability to see the process of making the mechanism behind it which is normally hidden, is what makes our machine more fun to use.

Individual Contribution

Water outlet

The water outlet is deisgned to fill the coffee cup with water. It has a conical shape with a hole to insert the pump outlet pipe.

The final result of connetion and programming


From the a a maniacal kit in order to mix the ingredient together. I connect a servo motor to a slider and then check if it is work. The design worked as required however it was to heavy to be placed so we decide to design the same design with Autodesk Inventor.

Limit switch

The limit switch is used to indicate that the cup is in the correct position to start the coffee making. In order to place the limit switch we have design and 3D print a limit switch cover by taking it is measurement.


To hold the base design together we have designed and 3D print a support peace to hold the walls and roof.

Final machine pictures and video

Orignal design

Orignal design and code