About me


Hello! , I am Asma Alsayed an undergraduated student at university of Bahrain. I began my academic career with interest in engineering with a focus to learn more about process, instrumentation and control engineering.

As an undergraduate student, I am endeavoring to find opportunities that will able me to demonstrate my key skills, apply my engineering principles and satisfy my passion to grow and expand my knowledge and gain experience in challenging principles.

Previous work

I have 2-year experience in Teaching and training students the basic skills of building robots to join VEX Robotics competitions. In 2019, me and my team won many awards in Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamd Al-Khalifa Robotic Championship. Moreover, I have one-year experience in marketing, volunteering and managing projects.​

Project A: Robotic arm

These days people always need additional help systems, with the increase in the elderly community and people with disabilities, they struggle in some daily tasks such as carrying groceries. SAM can be used in places more than just a supermarket; it can help with moving items from one place to another. In our first trial we made SAM out of all vex products such as cortex, motor and a battery etc. A robot that is shaped as an arm and a cart to pick up the products and place them in the basket. As we have more experience with vex products


In the second trial, After finding a design online of miniature robotic arm that was perfect for the project that serves expectations. Later, proceeded to print it using a 3D printer. The arm will then be moved by leap sensor which senses hand and fingers, this allows the user to interact with the computer using precise motion without any visible delay and programmed it using an Uno Arduino.