11. Applications and implications

The objective of this week is to Propose a final project masterpiece that integrates the range of units covered.

what will it do?

Fire spreads rapidly if it is not controlled. So, in order to overcome this issue, safe firefighter lives my final project is an autonomous firefighting robot. It will help the firefighter to investigate the fire area before they enter to it, put off the fire and enter to places that the firefighter could not reach and send feedback.

who has done what beforehand?

I search in the internet for similar project and I found many

What will you design?

Most of the project part will be developed by me, I will design the structure of the robot and the printed circuit board.

What materials and components will be used?

  • Fire (flame) Sensor
  • Smoke sensor
  • LEDs
  • Switch
  • Wires
  • PCB
  • Water pump
  • DC motors
  • Spray Tube
  • Relay
  • Battrey

where will they come from? and How much will they cost?

Material Price website
Fire (flame) Sensor $6.99 Amazon
Smoke sensor $5.99 Amazon
LEDs $5.99 Amazon
Switch $6.99 Amazon
Wires $3.77 Ali Express
Water Pump $2.8 Ali Express
Relay $3.77 Ali Express

What parts and systems will be made?

  • The structure of the robot will be made from mechanical kit.
  • The cover of the structure will be made of acrylic and mdf sheets.
  • The spray system will be made by using a 12v wiper water pump which will be connected to the water tank which is basically a water bottle.
  • Both the smoke and flame sensor will detect the fire and send an alert to the phone by HC-05 - Bluetooth Module.

What will be made and when?

  • Week 10 - Input devices: Design my own PCB and Test the sensor and write the codes for them.
  • Week 12 - Output devices: Write the code for the servo motors and test them.
  • Week 13 - Networking and Communcation: Transmitting and receiving data using bluetooth.
  • Week 20 - Project development: Build the robot structure and wires connections.


what processes will be used?

  • 3D printing : design and print theb Electronics Box and Flame, Smoke and Bluetooth cover and .
  • Lazer cutting: design and cut the Bsae Cover and Bottele cover
  • Electronics design and production : The creation of the microcontroller board to run the robot.
  • Embedded programming : programming the PCB to control the motion and other tasks on the robot.
  • Input devices : Test the Flame sensor and Smoke sensor.
  • Output devices: Test The Water Pump and Servo motor.

what questions need to be answered?

  • what is the minimum and maximum range that the flame (fire) sensor can detect the fire?
  • How far the wife connection could send the signals to the application in case of the smoke?
  • How to estimate the amount of water needed to put out the fire?

How will it be evaluated?

by measuring it is ability to detect the fire and move automatically. Also, the ability to send and display the data to phone app.