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Week 1

Website and Final Project Proposal

Week 2

Computer-Aided Design

Week 3

Computer-Controlled Cutting

Week 4

Electronics Production

Week 5

3D Scanning and Printing

Week 6

Electronics Design

Week 7

Embedded Programming

Week 8

Computer-controlled Machining

Week 9

Molding and Casting

Week 10

Input Devices

Week 11

Output Devices

Week 12


Week 13

Networking and Communications

Week 14

Interface, Application Programming

Week 15

Applications and Implications

Week 16

Mechanical Design

Week 17

Invention, Intellectual Property and Income

Week 18

Project Development

Final Project: from the idea to the prototype

During the Fab Academy I used the assignments (as many as possible) in order to develop my initial idea. In this way I could follow a straight route to reach my goal: prototype the object and ensure that it works.
Roll-e is a telepresence robot system.
It can be equipped with a smartphone or FPV system (FIRST PERSON VIEW).
Controllable remotely it was designed for business, educational, but also fun.



I'm Graduated in Architecture U.E. at the University of Roma "La Sapienza". Member of "Ordine Degli Architetti di Roma" since 2012. Erasmus program 2008/2009 Granada, Spain; Leonardo program 2012/2013 Estoril, Portugal. I frequently collaborated and work abroad with architects and engineers: right now I finished an interesting collaboration with the studio Noumena in Barcelona.


I worked for a long time as a graphic designer and interior Designer. I study assiduously industrial design and produce unique pieces. I frequently collaborate with the association ADD (Association District of design).


I'm a "Newbie" of digital fabrication, but I was for a long time a maker and an artisan 1.0. In October 2014 I met the Fab Lab Frosinone and in November I went directly to Barcelona to know the reality of the Fab Lab Barcelona and the Fab Café Barcelona.


Marco Sanalitro
Via F. Meda 169 B/8, 00157 Rome, Italy
Ph.:(+39) 3491000295

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