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1. project manegement

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process. This week I brainstomed for a concept I can make as final project


Since I work in a makerspace who works a lot with children i want to make something to stimulate the children to make things and experiment with the different tools they can find in a makerspace. I have thought of 2 concepts who can help with that:

concept 1 : useless wall.

This concept learns children about the basics of everything. It is an interactive wall where they can build, experiment, try things on. I want to include a couple af mechanics in the wall:

  • Basic electronics
  • basic mechanics
  • basic programming

Design challeges:

  • easy to use for children of all ages
  • easy to transport

Purpose of the end project.

The final project will be a useless wall. The wall can be used stand alone, the intention is that participants have to solve a riddle in order to make the lights flash. There are 6 modules in the whole which form a separate system. Each system has a separate module that can be placed on the wall. Each module gives either a high or low signal. When all modules give a high signal, the lights will turn green. Each module contains a riddle that must be solved. If not all modules have been solved correctly (so not all give a high signal), the LED strip will only partially light up green. Below the places where all modules can be placed is a large board with the riddle on it. The wall is constructed in such a way that the modules can be replaced. The modular system ensures that the challenge can be changed by designing new modules. The only condition is that the module must give a high or low signal. The plan with this is to give the children the challenge during children’s camps in our lab to devise and make a new module.


In our makerspace we already have some tools for childres to experiment with. If possible I want to combine some of the excisting parts in the wall.

concept 2 : foldable makerspace

The second concept would be a great help when we go on location to give a workshop. I want to design a toolstation for kids where everything they need for a workshop we give is included on the toolstation in a savely manner.

Design challeges

  • safe
  • foldeble and lightweight
  • opportinity to change for different workshops
  • easy to set up by children

Last update: November 25, 2021