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About me

who am I ?

I’m Lennard Ameys , I live in Bruges Belgium. I studied industrial product design from 2015 until 2019 in this period I first came in contact with the fab lab community. I worked together with ingegno makerspace ingegno and de creatieve stem decreatievestem to finish my thesis. After my studies as product designer i studied to become a teacher. When i finished my studies as a teacher i started working fulltime at ingegno makerspace as a STEM coach and product designer. Last year I have worked in a art school Maak. In this school i teached childern and young adult how to become a inventor/maker. Next to making thing my other hobby is rock climbing. When i have vacation i like to go hiking in the mountains. I have two dogs: Nina and elsa.

ingegno maker space , the Creative STEM

The Ingegno Maker Space is home to Ingegno and De Creative STEM vzw (DCS), with Maria-Cristina as business manager and project manager.

We can see the two entities as a tandem: Ingegno does R&D, and guarantees the vision and quality. De Creative STEM vzw is responsible for training, guidance during activities, creative workshops, events, … in the field (non-profit). In a nutshell, DCS is the executive power of the mission. In addition, Ingegno focuses on train-the-trainers programs and invests in sharing knowledge and the maker community by signing the FabLab charter and supporting open labs, among other things.

The pillars that are used to develop and discover talents are digital fabrication, physical computing, materials and photonics. The activities are offered in-house or on location. The common thread throughout the STE (A) M activities and workshops that are developed and offered is design thinking. Creative design and custom prototyping stimulate self-regulatory learning. The tailor-made activities are combined with larger open-source projects such as the development of the open source platform, the diorama project or learning to program with, for example, the Ingegno Retro Games Console.

We can summarize the motto of De Creative STEM vzw in two sentences: You can do more than you think! Stimulate your inventiveness.

We provide a framework within which individuals develop their talents in technology and science. We bring people into contact with tools that people don’t have at home and with less known materials and techniques. The aim is always to stimulate creativity, scientific interest, development and entrepreneurship, with a focus on equal opportunities for all. The operation is based on the following three basic values: Each individual has the capacity to be creative and has the right to develop into a versatile and critical thinker. Knowledge is to be shared - open source / open hardware We reach further together! Its mission is to support and promote the resourcefulness and empowerment of individuals while we are trained in 21st century skills: creativity, collaboration, communication, computational thinking, problem-solving thinking, critical thinking, .... To this end, we promote opportunities where making is central and a maker mindset is trained.

The pillars that are used to develop and discover talents are: - digital fabrication, - materials and photonics, - physical computing. - (Advanced) digital fabrication, materials and photonics are 3 of the most important enabling technologies (KETs) that allow an immediate application of mathematical and scientific principles and are promoted by Europe.

Our approach is structured so that the creative and inventive potential of each individual (participant or trainer) can develop. The 3 main lines of force of our framework are Mindset that promotes innovative work Knowledge that guides groundbreaking thinking Process that supports the iterative creation of ideas. The STEM maker mindset we promote is based on 5 simple principles: - Be visionary - Be brave - Be collaborative - Be determined - Be reflective

In order to realize our vision, our offer is unfolding in various areas with a focus on equal opportunities: - Workshops and training - Educational Material - Train-the-trainers and tailor-made advice - Events & Conferences - Tailor-made activities or setups - Our activities in all forms are intended to acquire knowledge and insight. We seize opportunities to stimulate collaboration, as well as curiosity and reflection. The supervisors always do their best to make abstract concepts understandable.

My job at de creatieve STEM gives me the opportunity to work on a couple of cool projects. I give digital workshops to children of all ages starting at the age of six years old. The themae of those workshop are very different. It can go from lasercutting to 3D printing or basic electronics. All our workshops are given following the STEM principles. We also work on a couple of projects:


Maakbib It is our dream to have a makerspace in every village in flanders. To make this dream happen we work together with local libraries. We give the librarians a course in digital production: lasercutting, 3D printing and vinyl cutting and a course in educational principles. After these courses they are able to instal a mini makerspace in their library and give workshops to the local community.

girls in stem

girls in stem The aim of this project, funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme, is to empower girls to pursue their interests in Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths subjects (STEM), providing them with positive examples, support and possibilities to experience STEM occupations. Through this initiative, girls will be able to realise that they can embark on a fulfilling and successful career in STEM.


fabzero FabZero ensures that Digital fabrication techniques such as cutting, laser cutting, 3D printing, are accessible to everyone. FabZero: Inclusive KETs ensures this, with a quality FabZero training, immersion in the digital manufacturing world via Bootcamps, and knowledge makers via trendsetters to a wide audience. Everyone can indulge, immerse and broaden in the open labs in your area!


skillslab SkillsLab is a project aimed at offering newcomers and unaccompanied minor refugees a stepping stone towards digital literacy and creative professions. The Skillslab workshops are at the heart of the project and should provide participants with insight into the importance of their choice of school in relation to their further professional careers. In the long term, we want to encourage participants to choose technical, scientific or artistic disciplines and to move towards creative, technical and scientific professions. We are convinced that, in the light of technological progress and creative industries, people with a STEAM profile and the desire for lifelong learning can make a difference on the labour market


In my sparetime i started a collective with seven maker friends. Together we started our own makerspace focused on woodworking and welding. We design and make furnutures for local costumers. We call ourselfs deboeje , this is a west-flemish word for a workshop. In this collective we try to combine our strengths. We all have different backgrounds; architects, productdesigners , woodworkers , engineers,… One of our important rules is that every design is personalised and fits the demands of our costumers. Everything is handmade and we focus on welding and woodworking. we combine handwork with digital manufacturing such as cnc milling and 3D printing.

Here are some examples of products that we have made.

Last update: May 4, 2021