Fab Academy 2020

About me

Picture of Gísli Snær Guðmundsson

Hi, my name is Gísli Snær Guðmundsson and I was born in 2000 (20 years old) on an island called Heimaey in the archipelago Vestmannaeyjar on the south coast of Iceland and have lived there my whole life.

I graduated from upper secondary school (framhaldsskóli) last December and I am heading for architecture school. Fab Academy for me is a great opportunity to prepare myself for my further studies and the future.

I have spent a lot of time in the past in the Fab Lab but have almost only spent my time 3D modeling and designing and I think Fab Academy will help me broaden my horizons, meet new people and open up new opportunities for me.

Last summer I participated in the Plastic for good challenge wich was held in Eindhoven, Netherlands and hosted by Distributed Desing Market Platform. The plastic for good challenge was an initiative if the Distributed Desing Market Platform in collaboration with Precious Plastic. Five groups of creatives, makers, designers and coders teamed up to concepyualize, design and maunfacture a people-centered meaningful product from recycled plastic.

I'm also a active member in ICE-SAR(Iceland Search and Rescue). The ICE-SAR rescue teams number about 100, within, there are thousands of people who are always available when needed. The professionalism that characterizes the work of Icelandic rescue teams has brought worldwide attention.

My lab

Picture of my lab

Fab Lab Vestmannaeyjar Iceland is the first Fab Lab in Iceland and was established in 2008. The focus has been into education for secondary schools and elementary schools. Fab Lab Vestmannaeyjar Iceland is active in Fab Lab Iceland network, Nordic Fab Lab Network and global Fab Lab network. More details


Here you can find my assignment from Fab Academy 2020.


Project management

Week 1


Principle and practices

Week 1

Computer aided design

Week 2

Computer controlled cutting

Week 3

Electronics production

Week 4

3D scanning and printing

Week 5


Electronics design

Week 6


Computer controlled machining

Week 7

Embedded programming

Week 8


Input devices

Week 9


Applications and implications

Week 10

Output devices

Week 11


Interface and application programming

Week 12


Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

Week 13

The board connected to correctly

Networking and comunication

Week 14


Molding and casting

Week 15



Week 16

Machine design

Week 17


Final project

Week 18

Contact me

Gísli Snær Guðmundsson
900 Vestmannaeyjar
P: (+354) 848-8589
E: [email protected]