20. Project developpement

Complete your final project, track your progress

what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

The modelisation of my project and almoast 3D parts are already printed. But I need to design my board (I already have a good idea of how I will do it), make it, test it. After that, I will assembly the elecronics with the 3D parts and start making the application, and some tests.

When it's done, I need to make the video and pitures presentations. I'm confident about this task, even, I didn't really make a video, I already make a global scenario for the presentation.

what has worked? what hasn't?

What worked ?

  • The infinite vis fit as well with the motor
  • The major part of my design fit as well together

What hasn't work ?

  • The infinite screw doesn't fit on the container, I need to print it again
  • The space that I defined for the aquarium is little bit too small, with the delay, I couldn't print another one.
  • The library react native for the bluetooth doesn't work like I expected
  • The bluetooth module burned during the test

What questions need to be resolved?

  • The boards will works ?
  • How much can I do ?

What will happen when?

Work hard to achieve the fabacademy.

What have you learned?

So many things...

  • Design product
  • Design electronics
  • Define network protocole communication
  • Develop an application with bluetooth