About me


Hi! I am Madjid AIT SI AMER. I am an entreprener based in Paris, I founded UDEZ in november 2018. I like arts, creativity in general, I made a lot of dance when I was young and I participates to help an hiphop association called RSTYLE.

Where I'm from

I was born in a small city called Larbaa nath irathen in Algeria and I came in France when I was 9 years old.

I'm creative, curious and I'm fascinated about new technologies and how they change the world

Previous work

I went to the Sorbonne University (Paris), to study mathematics and after 2 years, I made a specialization in computing science. After 3 years apprenticeship, I obtained my information knowledge systems engineering degree. During this three years I worked for two diffrents big companies (CNP Assurances and IMS Health).

After that, I create my Startup SuperTesteur, and after almoast two years. The idea of this startup is to make easy the user testing. By creating a chrome extension, I propose to the users to be paid by testing website from their home. After that, they could decide to get the totality of their money or give a part or all their mone to an association

I was stopped this adventure to join a InUse how connect industrial machine as full stack web developer.

Now I create my company, UDEZ, I want to grow it as innovation laboratory. I start by contract mission of 3 mounth in the startup


Before to come in the fabacademy, I was full stack web developper, that means, I was able to develop in the backend end frontend side and was able to create application architecture. Furthermore, I was always creative and I like to imagine and create solution to facilitate the life of peopoles. Since, I maid the fabacdemy, I like to tell that I came a deep full stack developper, and I find that amazing. Now I'm able to make an hardware object from the idea, to the design product, production and software design (hadware software, web software and mobile application). it's a strength and a weakness, because I know many things, but I'm specializied in anything except maybe in discovering things that I don't know. So my goal, is to progress and learn even more thing, and be a creator/inventor.

After the Fabacademy

After the fabacademy, I want in the first time to develop my company, I will test to sell the fishsitter, but before, I know that I need work again on it with real users and makes many iterations and marketing tests. I have a plan for that, but if it doesn't work I will make some services in software developpement for the surviving of the company.

I have another project, dear to my heart, this project consist to create a Fablab in Algeria, in the small city were I was borned, and help to diffuse this culture in this country in general. Algeria, is the most big country in Africa, and when I saw that they are no Fablabs in the country I'm little bit sad. So I find a central place were I can create a Fablab, and start during this year to collect local sponsor. When I explain and talk about the concept in the country, the people was fascinated and really interested. So I will do, all I can to succeed this project soon as I can.

Project Fishsitter

Fishsitter is a connected object, that gives food to fish, the goal of the fishsitter is to be able to monitor all the fish needs in aquarium. For more informations, please go visite the final project page.



To get contact with me, don't hesitate to add me in Linkedin or contact me directly using Fabcloud. I will be happy to discuss with you 😄