19. invention, intellectual property, and Income

Develop a plan for dissemination of your final project


Creative commons licenses

Creative Commons licenses is a way to share my work, without losing my rights, and to let future users know what they can do and what is not permitted.

With those licenses, you can decide how and what you share.

Fishsitter license

I'd like my fishsitter to be shared, used by many peoples to help them to manage their aquarium and improve the fishsitter.

And I'd also like my project to be modified, improved by community, but not for commercial use and not use the term fishsitter.

That's why I choose a CC-BY-NC-SA License for my project.


I think follow this steps for the dissemination :

  1. Test the fishsitter in the context of the fablab aquarium
  2. Publish the "how to build it" in instructables or hackaday.io
  3. Get feedbacks from users/makers
  4. Launch the community website
  5. Try to launch a crowdfunding compaign (Kickstarter, Ulule, ...)