Hi' I am Abhilash

Graduate in Bsc.Polymer Chemistry from Government College Attingal under Kerala University. This is the page where I would like to share my Fab journey. I was always interested in new technical innovations which would ease our lives. But the lack of opportunity and the absence of a platform to check my ability is what held me back.

Im not so experienced in this, but I have the confidence that I could make my own signature style in this field. The atmosphere and faculty of Fab Academy has further boosted my confidence. And I’m sure of pursuing a challenging professional career where my education, experience and skills that would enhance me and my organization through continuous improvement.

Final project


"FAB DRUM" is a Digital drum, It is using as modern electronic musical instrument ,Making a drum kit by self is always a dream to all with all the knowledge from the fab weeks I decide to make it ,I studied more about it because my concept was very different and unique. After lot of search with MIDI I got some beat notes and I am happy to go with that