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The board for my final project Page The boards for the final Project
The code Page The code for the final Project
Final Words Page Final Project, Jul 11
Sources - Files and Downloads Page Files and Downloads
Setting up Gitlab on linux Page Howto install git, generate a ssh-key, do the ssh-config and create a git repo.
Mechanical and machine week Page Output devices, Mar 21
The housing Page The housing for the final Project
The Ideas Page A collection of ideas for my final fabacademy 2018 project. Summary with resources.
Machine week Page Machine week
Mechanical week Page Mechanical week
The interface Page The oled i2c display
Power Managment Page Power Managment for the Ice Thickness Measuring Device
My final project Page Final Project, Jun 20
The solenoid Page The solenoid
Task Division and downloadable files Page Task Division
Using Vim and Gitlab Page Howto use git, from within vim.
Week 1 - principles and practices, presentations, introductions Page principles and practices, introductions, presentations, projects, Jan 17
Week 2 - Project Management Page Project Management, Jan 24
Week 3 - computer-aided design Page computer-aided design, Jan 31
Week 4 - computer-controlled cutting Page computer-controlled cutting, Febr 7
Week 5 - electronics production Page electronics production, Febr 14
Week 6 - 3D scanning and printing Page 3D scanning and printing, Febr 21
Week 7 - electronics design Page electronics design, Febr 28
Week 8 - Computer-Controlled Machining Page Computer-Controlled Machining, March 7
Week 9 - Embedded Programming Page Embedded Programming, March 20
Week 10 - Molding and Cating Page Molding and Casting, Mar 21
Week 11 - Input Page Molding and Casting, Mar 21
Week 12 - Output Page Output devices, Mar 21
Week 16 - machine design Page machine design, May 9
Week 17 - wildcard/composites Page wildcard/composites, May 16
Week 18 - applications and implications Page applications and implications, May 23
Week 19 - Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income Page Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income, May 30