Task Division


- Design stage
- Design slots for switches
- With Henk and Johanna: put in words what code should do
- Find code for random generator
- Find code for while-control-structure
- Find code to call on another loop


- Design bottom stage
- Cut bottom stage
- Assemble the bottom stage and stepper motor
- Design hole for main buttom
- Set current limit on the stepper motor
- Look over main code


- design ketchup extruder casing
- lasercut k.e. casing
- research arduino/cnc/motorshields
- take all coding bits from the others and write the code
- Collected all documentation and created this beautiful and clear page out of it


- design funnels for sprinkles
- design mechanical opening/closing of funnels
- write code for funnel servo motors
- adjust and laser cut part of stage that holds the funnels