Output devices, Mar 21

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Since we are a big group in Amsterdam, we decided to create two teams. First, we brainstormed in the big group to later decide the two smaller groups. Very early in the brainstorming session, we noticed that we all wanted to do something silly and fun, not necessarily the most useful machine. Ideas like a karaoke machine, Neil bingo, and engraving cheese with a Rose Engine came up. One idea stuck a bit more: It was the Dutch lunch generator. If you have ever been in the Netherlands, you know that Dutch people many times eat sandwiches for lunch. What they put on the sandwiches differs from chocolate, minced raw meat, cheese, etc. Johanna, Henk, Jelka, and Hanna decided to go ahead and create a random Dutch lunch generator.</p>

We where inpired by the The queen of shitty robots.

Our Dutch Lunch Machine transports a ‘boterham’ along four stations with typical Dutch toppings like: ‘hagelslag’, ‘muisjes’, ‘chocopasta’ and off course ‘peanut butter’. Let’s also add a video of a Rose Engine, just for inspirations sake.

Random Dutch lunch generator

The machine will help you decide the topping on your sandwich, randomly, and in combinations that you might otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. The bread piece will be placed in a lunchbox that is already standing under the different toppings. Exactly how the random generator will start is not decided yet, but the idea is that a motor will act accordingly to code that is randomizing the different sections of the stage and then opening up the respective funnel that is stopping the topping from coming out.

We decided to divide the work between us; Johanna was going to build the stage, Jelka the construction over the stage, the housing, holding up the topping funnels, Henk would create a construction that could turn tubes so that we could have some tube toppings as well, and Hanna would create the construction for the topping funnels and their respective motor.