// 1-Principles and proyect management   // 2-Computer-aided design // 3-computer-controlled cutting
// 4-electronics production // 5-3D scanning and printing // 6-electronics design // 7-molding and casting
// 8-embedded programming // 9-computer-controlled machining // 10-input devices // 11-composites  
// 12-interface & application programming // 13-output devices // 14-networking & communications
// 15-mechanical design, machine design // 16-appplications and implications
// 17-invention, intellectual property and income // 18-project development
// FinalProject // 

Welcome to the diary of my experience

Hi, my name is Pablo Nuņez, and this year i am going to participate in the Fab Academy 2013. I live in Leon, a medium size city in Spain. Fortunately Fab Lab Leon recently open his doors, and im a partner in this new center.

Im a computer tecnician, but right now search for a job in spain its a nightmare, due to the crisis. But crisis is a change in an organizated reality, and this could lead to a revolution....and thats exactly what im doing with my challenges. Im going to face this revolution becoming a #fabber.

Im the father of three childs, and this is the other thing that keeps me alert and conscious of my world. They need and demand the 100% of me, and thats a great way to keep me pushing to be a best man and a better father.

I want to thank my instructor in Fab Lab Leon, Nuria Robles, for all his help and great moments in this Academy.

I want to thank also all my Academy mates in Leon: Cesar, Sara, Japi, Ruben, Epi and Cova. I found in them great people with great minds, and without them i could not finish this madness.

And also i want to thanks all makers in Fab Lab Leon: Lucas, Victor, Alex...

Youn can find me in twitter (@eltercerlugar) or in my personal HUB (http://flavors.me/eltercerlugar)

my face in several ways