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Final Project Development

The end is near, and it’s time for me to close the page of the Fab Academy. We are currently on Monday, June 27th and in two days my local evaluation will be done (and hopefully completed).

In a personal tone, I will start a new job on September, as Fab Manager in an Engineering School. I can’t belive my luck. I passed the interview one week after my final project presentation, and I think I was still high from the Fab Academy dream because the liked me and I loved the environment and challenges presented to me that day.

I will have time to complete my skills and to learn more, as I did during Fab Academy. I can’t wait to dive deeper in each assignments that were a discovery for me this year.

Now it’s time to reflect !

What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

I completed all my assignments in time (I was a little late in the end). I a now adding details on each weeks according to Stephane’s and Adrian’s remarks.

Final Project is completed and presented, Neil seemed pleased by the aesthetics of it. I personnaly pleased by the work done and proud to have discovered so much during the process.

What’s working? What’s not?

My diorama lights up as wanted, and can be controlled by a custom interface. I’m just a little disappointed for the sound part, but I hope to develop it later via I2C (I left a spot on the main board just for this option).

What questions need to be resolved?

I stil want to know if it’s possible to add sound, but otherwise I think I tackled all the problems I had during development.

What will happen when?

Next step is to add sound, but most importantly I would like to clean up my files to make a diorama kit with everything I need to create one. More on this on the Invention week.

What have you learned?

Hum, a LOT. I didn;t know much about electronics before Fab Academy, and the fact that I designed, produced, repaired and made it work is still mesmerizing to me. I am especially grateful to Stephane who took the time to explain it all to me, and to answer my many questions.

I am now reading The Art of Electronics and hope to dive deeper on this subject during my next job experience.

I learned to overcome my fears towards heavy machinery (ShopBot, it’s you I’m talking about) but to keep being tremendously careful around them.

I learned so much that a list could not make it justice, I invite you to read the assignments if you’re interested!

Thank you

Thank you Stephane, Adrian, Neil, Quentin, Bas, Simon, Pierre, Agnes, Clara\(^2\), Flora, Christian, Luc, Théo, Henk, and all Fab Academy and Sorbonne wonderful persons I had the chance to talk with.

A special thank you to Christelle and my friends and family who supported me as I was unsufferable about Fab Academy, I owe you!

Last update: June 27, 2022
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