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11. Mechanical Design, Machine Design

Group Assignment

This week we design and build a robot arm called RoboMaid. It can help us to do some simple tasks such as spread jams on a bread. Check out this week’s group assignment for more details.

Individual Assignment

This week Jason is the leader of the group project. He did the main design and programming works. Due to the pandamic situations, we were mainly cooperate remotely. I have a 3D printer at home, so I help Jason to verify if his design works.

I made a RoboMaid at home by printing Jason’s 3D design file. I print the parts with carbon fiber filament. The resulted quality are great.

Then I assembly my RoboMaid with some SG-90 servos.

I added a vacumn head to the end point of the RoboMaid. This allows it pick up some small things like eraser.

A vacumn head assembled to the RoboMaid.

Testing the mechanism and limits of RoboMaid.

Last update: June 28, 2022