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Output Device

This week, our group - Darren, Terry, and me (Jason) try to measure the power consumption of an output device.

Group assignment

  • [✓] Measure the power consumption of an output device
  • [✓] Document our work
  • The Document by Jason Leung

The machine we use for testing

This week, we used the Wantek DC Power Supply nps306w Buy here it’s built-in voltage, current and power meter to measure the power consumption of the servo motor or LED ring.

Servo motor and LED ring consumption measurement

This is the electrical specification for TowerPro MG90s server motor.

You can see that the horse is stopped, switched, blocked and also affects the required current.

Now let’s measure the actual current and power!

TowerPro MG90s Servo motor

Status Volt Current Power
Idle 4.9V 0.00A 0.00W
Normal Rotate 4.9V ~0.13A ~0.18W
Full load 4.9V ~0.68A ~3.33W

NeoPixel LED ring in Rainbow effect

Volt Current Power
4.9V 0.03A to 0.04A 0.14W to 0.19W

Last update: April 5, 2022