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Interface and Application Programming

This week, our group - Darren, Terry, and me (Jason) try to compare as many tool options as pobbible.

Group assignment

  • [✓] Compare as many tool options as pobbible
  • [✓] Document our work
  • The Document by Jason Leung


This is an interesting diagram to help us understand what programming language we should use to develop project…

Research popular programming languages.



Python is a literal, object-oriented, powerful language.

Python’s design philosophy emphasizes code readability and concise syntax, trying to make the structure of the program clear.


  • Easy to write, suitable for beginners to write, very intuitive
  • Powerful, many libraries can be easily used
  • Cross-platform
  • easy to expand
  • Wide range of applications, including machine learning, data analysis, crawler, etc.


  • Slow, because it is a high-level language, the underlying processing cannot be changed by itself
  • Mandatory indentation, be sure to use 4 blank keys to indent, otherwise it will compile errors


The C language is a long-established language that is also very versatile and can be used on all platforms.

C can be compiled in a very simple way, making it fast, small, and easy to use on hardware.


  • Simple and compact, flexible and convenient
  • Rich data types
  • Use across platforms
  • Allows direct access to physical addresses to operate on hardware


  • When the program is wrongly written, it is not easy to debug
  • There is no official large-scale function library, you have to download someone else’s or write it yourself


Java is an excellent language. Its biggest feature is that it is cross-platform. Regardless of Mac, Windows, or Linux, the code length is the same.

Java developers are very familiar with C++, so the shortcomings of C++ are improved, but the structure is still very similar, so people who are familiar with C++ will learn it very easily.


  • Cross-platform, high compatibility
  • Can do a variety of applications, such as front-end and back-end web pages, GUI development, etc.
  • High security


  • In order to improve the convenience of C++, the execution speed of Java is slow
  • Stop updating the free version


When we consider which programming language to use, the following are the main points of our consideration:

  • Humanized and easy to understand language
  • A large library of different functions and compatibilities is available
  • Widespread language and IDE, easy access to teaching and support

Last update: May 9, 2022