Final project: Office Moodlight

Desktop device to monitor stress levels in the office environment by reading biological signs of stress (like heart rate, breathing, ocular movement, etc.) and display it in color code allowing the user to be conscious about increasing stress levels during the day.

The device will also work as a reminder for taking active or short breaks and will help the user to relax by guiding respiration excercises with pulsating movements (inflate and deflate) and light to synchronize the users breathing rhythm.


1. Principles and practices

Sketch a final project idea in which to apply the skills learned through the Fab Academy program.

2. Project management

My Git journey starts here.

3. Computer-Aided design

Use software to design in 2D, 3D and to render, animate or simulate your designs.

4. Computer-controlled cutting

Design and lasercut a parametric press-fit construction kit. Cut something on the vinylcutter.

5. Electronics production

Make an in-circuit programmer by milling the PCB, test it, and try other PCB fabrication process.

yet another hollow sphere

6. 3D Scanning and printing

Design and 3D print an object that could not be easily made subtractively. 3D scan an object and prepare it for printing.

echo board

7. Electronics design

Redraw one of the echo hello-world boards, add a button and LED, check the design rules, make it, test it!

make something big!

8. Computer-controlled machining

Make (design+mill+assemble) something big!

9. Embedded programming

To be updated...

potato robot

10. Mechanical design

Design a machine that includes mechanism, actuation and automation

11. Input devices

To be updated...

mini coastal barrier

12. Molding and casting

Design a 3D mold, mill it, and use it to cast parts!

13. Output devices

To be updated...

14. Networking and communications

To be updated...

15. Interface and application programming

Write an application that interfaces a user with an input/output device

16. Wildcard week

Design and produce something with a digital fabrication process not covered in another assignment

opus magna

17. Applications and implications

Propose a final project masterpiece!

18. Invention, intellectual property, and income

Develop a plan for dissemination of your final project