8. Computer controlled machining

Download file

dxf shelfs CNC file

This week I will be using CNC machine to cut wood

group assignment page

program used in the design

What is fusion 360

  • In the third week, I used the Fusion 360 program and explained it to learn more about it here

  • steps Fusion 360

  • I drew the design on the sheet with measurements and dimensions determined

Note : I added A margen of 0.45 to my female part to make the male part fit with it this was recommended by our CNC operator that showed us some fitting tests that he made.

I opened Fusion 360 to start designing
  • I started designing and sketching with their measurements

  • After I finished the first design, I made a copy and paste of the similar pieces

  • I designed the shelves and made the interior holes in different sizes and angles

  • After I finished designing all the parts

  • I made a design 1mm extrud to make sure the core is right

  • Final design

Cutting settings

I saved the dxf file
  • open the file from the program to arrange the pieces and cut them

  • After opening the design, I arranged the pieces and made (dog bone) because the drill bit could not cut an angle, but the drill was not circular bits.

  • I chose all the pieces at the end of the sheet so no distance between the pieces is lost

  • From here, I set the pass depth for each layer for 6mm because the thickness of the sheet is 18mm. Furthermore, we set our spindel rpm to 12000rpm and feed rate to 130 In/min this was based on our group assignment group assignment page

  • I made a protection for the pieces, which are small pieces that are in the corner or the ends, to grab the piece that the disgraceful will cut it so that it does not move

  • I put the pieces on the cutting sheet

  • I changed the wood plank

  • I open the CNC cut program
  • I move the CNC and adjust the axes

  • I made the (Z) axis

  • You turned on the CNC

  • You click on the word “Start” Sheet

Cutting CNC

  • It cuts the pieces

Installation of parts

  • After I finished cutting, I cleaned, arranged, and installed the pieces together

The end