abdalgfor ismailعبدالغفور اسماعيل

My name is Abdalgfor Ismail and I want to be a Future Trainer. Since I was a kid my dream is to build robots and develop new ideas and systems i participated in many international competitions in Bahrain for building and programming robots such as World Robot Olympiad (WRO) and VEX EDR System. I worked as a full-timer in a maintenance shop for mobiles and laptops, to expand my knowledge and hardware skills.Moreover, I started my own courses for teaching and helping students to know and expand their knowledge in robotics. I have joined a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) program for educating students in government schools. The idea of this program is to enhance and develop new methods of thinking for the students, to solve daily issues using technology and coding

My background

I was born in a nice city called Damascus

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Go Kart

  • Me & my friend Abdullah I created a small electric car that fits with children by recycling the Smart Board after several attempts by the priority models.


  • It is a robot in which participants learn the basics of building and designing the shape Then the participants program their robot to do different things The functions assigned to it There will be a local and international competition every year, and those who win the center (the first and second) will be qualified.

Hand Inmoov Robot

  • After marking on the 3D printer The top of the inmoov hand print is Open Source I programmed it on esp32

Lego Wro

  • It is an acronym for World Robotic Olympiad), it is the latest competition for robotics tournaments, and it is more concerned with design and programming capabilities

Braille Smart Reader

  • I devised a small device that helps blind people learn the blind letters and numbers in a simpler and more enjoyable way Using an electronic cell powered by a micro motor and a headset to learn to understand the formation of the letter through the cell

Potato Tower

  • It is my own project I created in 2017 and it is a food track in the form of an old hut that offers spiral potatoes with several different flavors