20. project development

what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

I would say that most of the work is done (circuit ,basic structure ,output ,input ,GUI) ,but I still had some troubles in the structure because it kept breaking and I need to make a case for the wires so they don’t show up

what has worked? what hasn’t?

The interface with grasshopper worked and the math/calculation part too so now I can display the readings and locate their position in space. I feel that I need to decor the project more

what questions need to be resolved?

I don’t have trouble in the concept for now ,but I need to work more on the outer shape of the robot

what will happen when? “Time and work managment”

Name Description Time needed
6. 3D Scanning and printing I 3D printed the base of the final project and some potentiometer attachments 1 weeks
7. Electronics design I will build my circuit that will do the processing and ingrate it with output and input weeks 3 weeks
10. Input Devices Integrate my input which is the 4 potentiometers 2 weeks
12. Output Devices Integrate my outputs which are the servo motors 2 weeks
13. Interface and application programming I will do a interface so I can do my calculations and display After that I will integrate every week to shape my final project 3 weeks

what have you learned?

I learned more about forward/backward kinematics and how they work and how to use them I thought it was hard to do them in practical ,but now I know that if I did enogh research I will be apply to apply any calculation. in addition I learned that we can use forward kinematics in build houses using blocks or even controlling a 5 axis arm to weld cars frames.