18. mechanical design

team leader

  • This week, I was responsible for organizing the work between the team, bringing the parts and testing the mechanical and electronic parts with the team

  • This week I was the team leader and I had to divide the work among the team members Helping everyone work on the businesses that were divided among them, and I started with helping Abdul-Jalil Al-Kooheji to design the pieces and try them out And help Maryam Ali with the electronic connections that she connected, and I was following up with Hawraa Khaled as she documented the operational plan and reported what problems we faced.

group assignment page

Team members


Here I am testing the mechanical parts that Abdul Jalil designed

We carded the parts in 3D printing by Abduljalil Alkoheji

I chose the appropriate controller to be connected from the stepper motor

Then I connected the wires to do and install them in the microcontrollers

  • After you connected the wires and tested the motor in a simple code
  • After completing the installation of the pieces, we tested the pens. Will their movement be smooth?

Me & Maryam we tested the code in the stepper motor

Here we looked for the starting point

And I put some weights to be balanced

connected the power supply After all parts have been installed and prepared for testing

We drew a circuit at the beginning to experiment with electronic and mechanical parts


final result