3.Computer-Aided Design

2D Design Software

  • Inkscape
  • FreeCAD
  • fusion 360

3D Design Software

  • fusion 360

3D Design

  • fusion 360


I downloaded and installed Fusion 360 on my computer

Register on the site

Then download the program

After downloading the program I opened it

To start designing, I press (sketch) and choose the plane that I want to design

Then choose the tool that I want to use

I choose the shape and press the letter (E) to lift the design up

I have a raised rectangular extrude up

I draw a square on the sides and extrude it up

I draw a rectangle for the body according to the size I need

I draw the neck in a circle with the size determined and lifted up

I draw the head drawing and make a shape

I make the details of the face and pull it forward

I dig inside the eyes

I smooth the edges by pressing the letter (F) I make a face in the smile

I make a spiral shape over the head

And another rectangle up

I fetch the mirror from the options bar to copy the shield to the other side

I fetch the mirror from the options bar to copy the shield to the other side

I make the edges of the limbs of hands


2D&3D Design


  • fusion 360 2D&3D

I made a new sketch

I drew a rectangle

Doing it has a 1mm extrude

Then I create a new sketch on the surface of the rectangle and choose the “Text” option to write

I write things that I want to write and choose the font size and type from the settings

After arranging the written sentences

I select the words and make an extrude down”-1mm”

After cutting the edges, I must combine some letters with the body of the letter itself

I select the font and choose the square option

I draw a rectangle from the beginning to the end of the letter

I select the rectangle and made an “Extrod”

and then choose from the settings option “Joint”

Then define the depth which is “1 mm”


2D Design


After downloading the program, I opened it and this is the home page

To start drawing, click on the toolbar above

I choose at any angle I like the design

After selecting the design angle, the toolbar shows me several shapes

I designed some stuff in the shape of 2D

Why I did not like the FreeCAD program

  • FreeCAD program I think it is not suitable for me because some tools in order to bring it to the list need a lot of time and some slow I think there are people who like to work with FreeCAD and everyone has the freedom to choose the program they want

2D Design (Inkscape)


I opened the program and started the Final Project design in 2D format

I drew a rectangle and put a circle text at the edges of it so that the shape could become clear as a slider

I drew a cup and painted small squares in the shape of snow

I drew the rest of the parts I named the disgraceful parts