14. Invention, intellectual property and income

Outlined future possibilities and described how to make them probabilities

In the future, I will present my project to companies in order to embrace it and become training for workers in the company and be used in manufacturing and educational centers. This will not only help people and students to learn easily but it will teach them how easy it is to build one. I can start with building a 5 axis arm ,then educate people how to build their own

who is your project for

  • For hospitals to do sugeries so when the doctor move his hand this machine will do the movement with more stability
  • Industries when lefting up the danguors heavy stuff
  • students to scan their designs instead of creating them

how is it funded

  • Through showing the industries how useful it is when i show them my prototype so they will get convenced by it and fund it

is there a license

business plan, how would you fund scaling up ,final form will it be distributed, as a kit

  • Do my first prototype in the fablab then twsting it with students and industries to improve it then I want to do mass production and sell it as a kit for training and development


  • Box test
  • Variable resistor readings
  • Convert equations to a point in three-dimensional space
  • C#
  • grasshober
  • New circuit
  • Arm design
  • project name
  • Adorn the project
  • Make measurements from 0 to 360 on the ribs