About Me

I'm an industrial designer, based in Quito Ecuador. I graduated in 2014 @ Carleton University, and started practicing here. I've always been interested in the idea of aggregating value in object in in my local environment. This has lead me to experiment in various fields including footwear and furniture design. Part of my personal philosophy is to immerse myself in the process of manufacturing and bring forth the best possible outcomes.

I was aware of the existence of the fab labs, as part of my academic foundations, and when I realized of the existence of one in my home town I jumped on it.

I’m planning to get out of the academy a wider scope of understanding on how to implement bits and pieces of what the next revolution might bring along. Implementing technology locally by sharpening my tools and knowledge to a better development independent products for productions.


The sit = coffee chair

The space between sensors, desk chairs and coffee. Making it seemlesly.

Principles and Particles

Stumbling upon ideas and core concepts for the final project.

Project Management

Posting on line ideas and core concepts for the final project.

Computer-aided Design

Playing around with other software.

computer-controlled cutting

Playing around with laser cutting.

electronics production

Playing around with electronics production.

3D scanning and Printing

Playing around with 3d printing and scanning.

Electronic Design

Playing around with custom design electronic pcb production.

Computer-Controlled Machining

Playing around with custom design electronic pcb production.

Embeded Programming

Programing the PCB Production

Molding and Casting

Cast something cool & or Fast

Input Device

Using Capacitive touch sense for a siple application

Output Device

Using Reciver to turn on a 120 v Relay

Applications and Implications

Think about what my project can achive and realize.

Embedded Networking and Communication

Mechanical Design, Machine Design

Interface and Application Programming

Wildcard Week

Invention, Intellectual Property and business models

Project development