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Computer-aided design

Computer-controlled cutting

electronics production

3D scanning and printing

electronics design

molding and casting

embedded programming

Computer-controlled machining

input devices


interface and application programming

output devices

networking and communications

mechanical design, machine design

applications and implications

invention, intellectual property, and income

project development

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Juliana Harrison Henno

Output Devices

For this assignment we did several tests to output data from the computer. I decided to try the LCD and LED Array boards.

Output Devices

We milled the traces in the board and when it was ready we cut them. For this operation we used the Fab Modules and the Roland VPanel for Modela MDX-40A.

Output Devices

When the boards were in right size we separate the components and started the soldering phase. Because we had two components missing, the regulator (IC2  5V) and the 0 Ohm resistors we could not continue the assignment.

Output Devices

Output Devices

Output Devices

To replace the 0 Ohm resistors we tryed a simple jumper by soldering the spaces with no component.

We already ordered the components and will wait until it reaches so we could continue to the programing phase.

Output Devices