Principles and practices, project management

Computer-aided design

Computer-controlled cutting

electronics production

3D scanning and printing

electronics design

molding and casting

embedded programming

Computer-controlled machining

input devices


interface and application programming

output devices

networking and communications

mechanical design, machine design

applications and implications

invention, intellectual property, and income

project development

final project presentations

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Juliana Harrison Henno

Welcome to my page at FabAcademy 2013

In this space I intend to upload all my progress, expectations and discoveries around the subject of Digital Fabrication and Electronics.
As a researcher of Visual Arts I look forward to use this knowledge for better understand the creative process of the artists that uses the automated technology as a medium of representation in their work. I believe that through experimenting how to work with these technologies I may be able to better comprehend the process, and doing so, being able to determine my own process to create my artwork.
Feel free to follow my steps throughout this attempt of discovering Digital Fabrication.