Principles and practices, project management

Computer-aided design

Computer-controlled cutting

electronics production

3D scanning and printing

electronics design

molding and casting

embedded programming

Computer-controlled machining

input devices


interface and application programming

output devices

networking and communications

mechanical design, machine design

applications and implications

invention, intellectual property, and income

project development

final project presentations

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Juliana Harrison Henno

Industrial Designer and a researcher in the fields of Art, Design and Digital Media. Holds a master degree in Visual Arts at the School of Communication and Arts (ECA-USP). Is currently involved in a PhD research about Digital Fabrication and its implication in the field of Arts. Member of the following research groups: "Art, Design and Digital Media (ECA/USP)”, "Study Group on Colour Education (CE - AIC)" and "Environmental Colour Design (ECD-AIC)". Also takes part of the study group "DIGI FAB - Digital Manufacturing Technologies applied to the production of Design and Contemporary Architecture (FAU/USP)", in which have been doing weekly practical tasks in the field of Digital Fabrication. Is a founding member of the Fab Lab SP (Brazil).

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