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06. Electronics Design

Class Week 06

Lesson06 electronics design

Review05 3D scanning and printing

Assignment Week 06

  • group assignment:
    • use the test equipment in your lab to observe the operation of a microcontroller circuit board
  • individual assignment:

Learning outcome

  • Select and use software for circuit board design.
  • Demonstrate workflows used in circuit board design.

Student should have

  • Shown your process using words/images/screenshots.
  • Explained problems and how you fixed them, including how you worked with design rules for milling (DRC in EagleCad and KiCad).
  • Included original design files (Eagle, KiCad, Inkscape, .cad - whatever).

Example documentation-Weekly Assigment-GUIDE

DOWNLOADS - Fab Eagle Library / Eagle Design Rules

FAB LAB BCN classes

References and resources

Basic Electronics

Electronic Design