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What are the clubs

The clubs could be seen as additional sessions where we expand the contents seen during the core lectures, but that are not necessarily linked to Fabacademy. Some of them will help to understand better and deeper the content of some weeks, but others could even be a fully different course on their own.

  • Make Club: here we want to explore topics related to design and fabrication, as well as additional techniques related to the assignments and more. We will understand the basic format for fabrication: the G-CODE, and mmanipulate it to use the machines in more advance ways.

  • Code Club: here we want to give you a crash course in PYTHON. Starting from a very basic Hello World in different flavours, we will explore how we can interact with the internet, open a camera, read some data from a PCB or use machine learning to detect objects in images. It is not a full programming course, but more as selection of applications that can help make your assignments and bring your final project to the next level.


The Make and the _Code Clubs will be on Mondays, every week, alternating. The Electronics Club will vary, depending on the content of the assignments of the week.

  • Electronics Club: in addition to the content provided in the general sessions during the Electronics weeks, some extra useful information is planned during this club. Here, we will see from very basic electronics concepts, to EDAs, to more advanced fabrication techniques to those seen during the core Fabacademy lectures.

We love experimenting

We are more than happy to hear your comments. If you want to gives us some feedback, suggest some interesting sessions or anything that comes to your mind, let us know!