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07. Computer-Controlled Machining

Class Week 07

Lesson07 computer-controlled machining

Review06 electronics design

Recitation04: Design

Assignment Week 07

  • group assignment:

    • Test runout, alignment, speeds, feeds, and toolpaths for your machine
  • individual assignment:

    • Make something big (on a CNC machine).

Learning outcome

  • Document the process of design and production to demonstrate correct workflows and identify areas for improvement if needed.

Student should have

  • Explained how you made your files for machining (2D or 3D).
  • Shown how you made something BIG (setting up the machine, using fixings, testing joints, adjusting feeds and speeds, depth of cut etc).
  • Described problems and how you fixed them.
  • Included your design files and ‘hero shot’ photos of final object.

FAB LAB BCN classes


  1. Measure material
  2. Design something BIG
  3. CAM -> Gcode generation
  4. Gcode is checked by someone
  5. Design milled
  6. Design assembled
  7. Design finished

Love Letter to Plywood

References and resources

CNC concepts


RhinoCAM MILL Quick Start

Fusion 360

Bookshelf Tutorial


G-Code Viewer


Alumnni references from past cycles