Fab Academy 2018

A personal portfolio of my journey during Fab Academy 2018.
Megumi Iwata, Fab Lab Oulu.


About Me

Hello! My name is Megumi Iwata. I am participating in Fab Academy 2018 from Fab Lab Oulu, Finland. I am a student in the Master's degree programme of Learning, Education and Technology in University of Oulu. I have my Bachelor's degree in Business administration, and work experience as a sales representative for five years. I am interested in digital fabrication in education. The goal of my Fab Academy is to understand principles of all the processes which we are going to learn here, including skills to use basic functions of software and the machines and knowledge to search information on the internet using relevant keywords. I am very much looking forward to meeting fabulous fabricators from all over the world!

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Weekly Assignments

Documentation of weekly assignments.

Final Project

Documentation of my final project.