During this week I need to learn about different types of licenses and choose one for my final project. And then, I have to develop a plan for dissemination of my final project as well.

To Do

  1. Learn about at least two different types of licenses and choose one.
  2. Develop a dissemination plan.

The "Doing"


  • Creative Commons. This type of copyright license is meant mainly for creative works. It allows to add certain conditions to the open distribution of your work. For example, you can state if you allow the work to be modified, and if your work or the modified version can be used commercially.
  • MIT license. This type of license is meant for software works. It gives freedom to modify, distribute, sell or sublicense the software. However, the original license must be included in any derivative work.

While Creative Commons license is aimed to creative works, MIT license is mainly for software. Both are open licenses, that is, their goal is to allow others to reuse your work.
My idea is to use open licenses, following the FabLab spirit of sharing knowledge and how-to-do. I will use a MIT license for my code and Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Creative Commons license for the rest.
Attribution means anybody can use my work while it is attributed to me , NonCommercial means the product and its derivatives cannot be sold and ShareAlike means derivative licenses cannot have proprietary licenses.

Dissemination plan

The underlying idea of this project is to help small children, and maybe older children with any kind of impairment, to understand the temperature by associating different values with the appropriate clothes they need to wear.
But there is an underlying idea under the underlying idea. The goal is to present the "what do I wear today?" as a complete final product. The thermometer, the clothes scale and the numbers scale working. But I would also allow the personalization of the clothes scale, so the kids could create the clothes and add themselves the electronics.
This way:

  • The main product would be a finalized "what do I wear today?" that would be a simpler version of my final project.
  • Then, it would be possible to acquire kits for developing new scales substituting the clothes scale by any other item.
  • The idea is to develop the product so that even the structure could be tailored.
Therefore, target groups would be preschools (5-6 years old), schools (7-8 years old), associations that organize activities for kids and families.

To disseminate the product, I will create a webpage, and a facebook group to present the product. Both the web page and the group goal is to create a small community where tips and tricks can be shared for the creation of new items.

Revenue will come from selling the product and extra kits for tuning it. And from selling tailored versions of the clothes scale. At some point, it would also be possible to build the structure in a different way, so the board could be also tailored.