1/ About me

As far as I can remember I always wanted to be an engineer. For the greater good.

CV on linkedin

In the aftermath of the bankruptcy of my start-up Archimej Technology (Avril 2012 - May 2017 - RIP), I started having some doubts.
When developing a hardware-based 'disruptive' technology, was it really a good strategy to keep secrets and file patents?
Were they other strategies?
~FabLab movements - Open Source Hardware - Crowdsourcing - Can one fund a project that maximises 'Value for Many' before 'Value for Money'?

I jumped into the FabAcademy 3 weeks late. As I work part-time, and also have a personal R&D project, I will only be able to dedicate 2-3 full days per week on the FabAcademy.
HTML and GIT on-the-command-line are new to me. But fortunately I have knowlege in CAD, DIY SMD PCB and EDA.
I was innactive 4 weeks in March/April: first for holidays, then for health reasons :/

2/ What I do, and Why the FabAcademy?

Tribute to Impact engineering & Frugal (ie: more with less for more) scientific instrumentation. How they can change the world.

Personal project: Gamma, a portable blood analyzer @ 1 Euro per light blood panel

"Photonic FabLab" projects (where I work): Low-cost compact IR spectrometer for sorting plastic - Hacking of scrap computer for DIY lab gear

I join the FabAcademy to go back to basics on digitally controlled fabrication; and learn how to crowdsource engineering.

3/ Final Project

Gamma project: Blood_Analysis_from_BetaBioled_to_Gamma.pdf.

A goal is a dream with a deadline. FabAcademy project, due by June 2018: Portable, Super-accurate (ppm?), high speed (ms?) optical spectrometer with a BOM < 100 Euro

Final project chronicles

4/ Assignments

Week1: Principle and practice READY

Week2: Project management (Git & Html) READY

Week3: Computer aided design READY

Week4: Computer controlled cutting READY

Week5: Electronics Production READY

Week6: 3D print and scan READY

Week7: Electronic design READY

Week8: Computer controled machining READY, Part of final-project

Week9: Embedded programming READY

Week10: Molding and casting READY

Week11: ! BREAK !

Week12: Input devices READY, Part of final-project

Week13: Output devices READY, Part of final-project

Week14: interface and application programming READY, Part of final-project

Week15: Networking and coms READY, Part of final-project

Week16: Mechanical design READY

Week17: Machine design READY

Week18: ! WILDKARD ! READY, Part of final-project

Week19: Applications and implications READY, Part of final-project

Week20: invention, IP, and income READY, Part of final-project

Usefull links

FabAcademy 2018 Website
FabAcademy GitLab: 'Fabcloud''
My personal repo on FabCloud: 'nciri-mejdi'
My private repo on GitLab 'Ultra_Mej/Gamma_Repo'