Fab Academy 2018

Hello World!

This site documents my Odyssey during the 2018 Fab Academy. Here we explore the interplay between the digital and physical world, learn how to turn code into things, make tea on StarTrek, and play (i mean prototype) with big toys (sorry tools). Digital fabrication is all these things, it is also the current phase of a digital revolution thats been transforming our world since the dawn of digital circuits, personal computers and the World Wide Web. Fab Academy teaches learning by doing, rapid prototyping, trial and error (yes sometimes setting things on fire:) but most importantly, documenting our progress on sites such as this one. Our skipper on this voyage is Neil Gershenfeld, director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms.


I joined FabAcademy because i'm interested in how digital fabrication can empower people to become more autonomous, empowered, and creatively engaged in the world around them. Whether in building sustainable cities, open-source ecologies, Earthships, floating fablabs, re-imagining education or preventing humanitarian crises; I see fablabs providing the tools to build alternative solutions to some of our most urgent global problems. That said, I'm weary of the peddlers of techno-(dis)utopias who seek to reduce us into ever smaller byte-bundles and mindless automata. As Arthur C. Clarke put it, intelligence has yet to prove it has any survival value. So while i question the need to make (almost) anything, I’m equally motivated to give back to the world for a change. More about stuff here.

Final Project

Here below I outline a few rough ideas, sketches, brainstorms and mindmaps for my final project. Every idea must start with a blinking LED, right? Here are some first sketches: