19. Project development

what task have been completed, and what remain ?

Completed :

  1. The sensor work fine to didact the and give light on that there is something behind you. ” ultrasonic”

  2. The light that will inform the other drivers that they are close to the rider

  3. network “Bluetooth hc-05” and pairing the two devices and make them work

Remaining :

  1. Making the design and print the case for the motorcycle device and helmet device

  2. Post and edit video for the finial project

  3. Write more about how I did the project in the documentations

what has worked ? what hasn’t ?

every thing work well except these things, the first thing the network, the second thing the reflection of screen and the last thing that the ATtiny44 git full. I mast make the network and the reflection work because without them the project will not finish. for the ATtiny44 I didn’t need to remake the circuit all I have to do is to replace it with ATtiny84.

what will happen when ?

in week 10 : I made circuit for the ultrasonic and every thing well good just need to make the connection.

in week 12 : I made the second circuit and put in it small screen but I have problem that the screen some times work and some not.

in week 13 : still try to fix the problem at the end of this week I fix it .

in week 14 : I made what the screen will show

in week 15 : I started to make the Bluetooth connection between the two circuit.

in this week : I am trying to fix the network problem

next week : I will start to make the final case for both devices and put the reflector.

have you learned ?

I have learned numerous things during this project, but one thing that stood out to me the most was how the light reflected . As its reflection from surfaces such as off of materials and surfaces gives us the colors that us humans see. Such a simple concept but at the same time carries great significance in our day to day lives as its importance was proven during this Project .

A lot of things but the one things that make thirsty to learn more about it, It was how the light reflect on materials, shape and colors, the light give every thing the color that we see and if the light color change we will see the things with different color then before.

also I learned about the Bluetooth network and how it work this make me think more about how others networks are working and how it will help me in other project.

what question need to be resolved ?

There are some questions like :

How it will fit all shape of helmets ?

the way the device fit the helmet is not good way because it is only for my helmet and it cant fit any other helmet, but it is ok for know.

the Idea that I am thinking about it is that I use smaller to a paper clip that will be use to put in any helmet and on one side of the clip the device fit easy and it can be removed.

However I need to try this idea and see if is work and if isn’t I must think of other Idea

Dose the screen will work in the day light ?

in the day light it seems to hard to see the dingers sign, so I have to improve at less three main things. the first thing is the screen and the brightness of it maybe if I replace it TFT it will be better , the second thing is the way it reflect from the screen to the rider eye. and the last thing is the reflector that I am using it should be replace with other materiel.

how to make it heavy-duty ?

I need to re-design all the cases for both devices and change the material that I used for printing it. Or fining other way to do it maybe by the CNC or the laser cutter.