1.Principles and Practices

I am hungry all the time 24h so sometimes when I want to eat it take a long time to get the food even if I order it will take a long time to get the food form ristorante or cold store and sometimes they won’t deliver to me, So I think of this nice idea.

the idea

In this crisis, we should be more careful too not to get the COVED-19 and be more contactless with people. SO we need something that will deliver things and specifically food. Why we don’t have a drone that will deliver us food.

This drone must have some properties that will make it good for this goal. it must take and drop the food without any help or assistance from the human, it had the ability to carry the food for distant and wight up to 1 kg and it must be accurate to the point that will take the food and drop it too.


who will use it ?

In this time everyone should use it to be safer, specifically the cold store and ristorante should have this drone as service for the customer.