Abduljalil Alkoheji عبدالجليل الكوهجي

Hi! I am Abduljalil Alkooheji . I am an mechanical engineering student at University Of Bahrain. I love swimming , riding motorcycles as well as doing some mechanical projects. This is evident in my Instagram account called @night.mechanic. I have recently just start a café called Ksha Cafe.

My Background

I was born in a city called ALMANAMA, the heart of Bahrain. Following that, I lived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in city called Alkhober for 18 year and graduation from there then I retune to my home Bahrain to complete my education .

Previous work

I work in education field teach kids and give courses to teacher how to tech by STEM , I love teaching kids because they always think outside of the box , and I worked as lifeguard for few months in the weekend

ithra summer camp 2018

last summer I worked in the KSA in ithra and I give course for kids called (ENGINEEERING UNDER TRAINING ) for four weeks I had fun and learn from them .

The aim of this course is to make kids learn more about engineering in fun and challenging way .