11. Applications and implications

what will it do?

smart helmet that will make riding the bake easier by seeing what is behind the rider so they can change the line easier the helmet will act as a topical car mirrors but electronically in addition it will warn the rider that someone is behind. As a bike rider my self I will feel more safe changing line and it will protect me from accident.

who has done what beforehand?

there is some companies did prototype and other in the market .

Cross Helmet X1

Skully Fenix AR

The Bike Helmet

What will you design?

I will take good helmet then start design the extra part and how I will fit it in with the helmet so it helps me see the cars and warn me about them it will include a display, circuit, reflector and power with a communication module.

what materials and components will be used?

camera : OV7670 screen : 0.96inch LCD battery : mirror : refracting glass : full face helmet : FGN-889 microcontroller : ATtiny44 ATtiny84 I will use ABS filament to print the structure

where will they come from?

most of it I will order it online

how much will they cost?

Qty Description Price Link Notes Pic
1 helmet FGN-889 17.00 BD Anwaer market
1 OV7670 Camera 7.69 $ camera
1 0.96inch LCD 7.99 $ lcd

what parts and systems will be made?

I will make the devises, The first one will be two sensor that will fit on the motorcycle with microcontroller that contacted to the over devise and the first one will be on the number plat from the back. the second devise will be on the helmet and it will receive the data and transform it into the screen so that the rider can see it.

what processes will be used?

PCB milling for the circuit, 3D printer to print the structure, laser cutter to help me prototype the shape and vinyl cutter to decorate

what questions need to be answered?

how to the rider will see the information with out git disperses ? how I will connected the two devises ? how the devises will git powered ? how far the sensor can detected what behind the rider ?

how will it be evaluated?

if the rider have clear view to front and back and can change the line with out any problem.

what will happen when ?

in week 10 : I made circuit for the ultrasonic and every thing well good just need to make the connection.

in week 12 : I will the second circuit and put in it small screen

in week 13 : I will try to make the case .

in week 14 : I want too what the fit the screen in

in week 15 : I want to make the Bluetooth connection between the two circuit.