16. Mechanical design and machine design

The Group Machine

final result

for out test we try to write “thank you”

Project Concept

Our group project is a hanging drawing machine that moves its hand in two axes (X, Y). The hand consists of a pen attached to a 3D printed holder that connected to two stepper motors from the right and left sides. The machine should be attached vertically to a board and being controlled by a g-code.

The aim of this machine is to enable the user to draw anything on a board or a wall. Requirements are simple as the user should just fix the machine on the panel want to draw on and enter the size of the drawing area and machine specifications.

Team members

Abdalgfor Ismail

Maryam Ali

Hawra Al Rahma

my task

I was the 3d designer and printing for the group

what I did

I did all the designs for the machines , by first making the prototype then printing the first design the try to fix the problem that have and make the second design that work

what happen

after we discus what the machine that we want (drawing machine) for this week as group and give each one tasks.


After I watch a lots of video about it I had an idea about what we will do, so then I start doing the prototype with help of Abdalgfor

this is all the materials that we used to make the prototype

after a lot of thinking and putting every thing together

First Design

Desing steps

I did the base of our design

then extrude the base

after that I made the prn holder

next I make the surface that will be in touch with the white board

after that I make the holes for the pens

then I make the belt holder in each side

following that I make hole for the pens to touch the white board

then I take belt size and put it in the belt holder

and I make the same at the other side

more over I cut throw the belt holder in the rectangle that I made

next I make hole for screw to tighten the pin in

and the same for the servo motor .

main body

the first thing I did is the base for the pens to draw motor

then I make the link that will contact the servo with the two pens so one of them move in and other is out, and the holder for the pen that will be joint with the link to move it .

the issue in this design wad that I couldn’t balance it on the white board by the belt because it only have on place for it, the other problem was that the link is too short .

Stepper motor base

for the first motor base I used tape to fixed in the white board, but the motor was to heavy and it keep fall all the times.

it even couldn’t be in the white board without the motor

second Design

in this design I improve it and I didn’t have the issues in breves design.

Stepper motor base

this is what the part that I made to fit the stepper motor in the white board

it is from three part

the three part joint together that connected with by screw.

Improvements in the next design

for the next design I need to make it more balance when I put the other component like the pen and the motor. And more stable and smooth when the base moved by the steeper motor and wheal the pins move in and out , to get more beautiful drawing. The last thing that I should improve is the part that in touch with the white board should me more smooth.


fusion 360

fusion 360 motor holder