3. Computer-Aided Design

2d design.

first I try to do my final project by 2d so I did top view for the drone I will use two programs “Inkscape” and “GIPM”


it is my first time to use this program so it was hard but I get use to it . but it have a lot of things that make it some thing you have to learn about it .

let start

step1 first I click in into this “” the I click in to “” to make my outer frame for my drone .

step2 I make it ainge but I change the color to make it frame , and I make it in the center then I marge the shapes .

step3 I made the inner frame for the drone .

step4 and I duplicated to do all the inner frame

step5 next I made cercal in the center .

step7 start doing my drone wing

step8 then change the rotation point so it be easier for me to join it to the base

step9 I duplicated and put on in each side .

step10 this is the END

one of the tool that I like it is “path” it is useful when you want to cut from shape by using other shape

first you select the two shape then you click in “path” and chose the way that you want to cut the shape

the same of the paths so you can chose how you want to cut the shape :


I use GIPM and I find it more easier to me because it have used similar platform to the photoshop that I am use too.

first thing I drag the photo in side the GIMP

the photo needs to cut and zoom into the important thing in it, the crop tool will help to do that.

then select the area that I want

I double click in the area to cut it off

I need to remove the number by way that don’t destroy the photo

smudge tool will make the number goes in good way .

as you see here I just used ones in line.

this what happened when I use the tool in the whole number.

3d design .

fution 360



first you click in the “Sheetmetal” then click on “Create sketch” this will take to start your design in 2d


then you start choosing the phase that you will design in on it


you should start making your design it essay to do it .

i explain the tools in the sketch


I want to draw my drone so I start sketching the body first after you finish your click in finish


then I male extrude so it become 3d part you can change the thinness of the part by changing the extrude


clack on the phase the you want to add part on it


so you can add sketch


extrudate and it will be part of it


then I use shaper to make it smoother


so I want to make 6 angle so I use the circler pattern


you chose the object and the axil the you want the pattern on it




it’s good platform to use for 3d design it have a lot of thing will help you to do what you want, And it is free and you can open it form the browser and will not take space for your computer. But there is one problem that I faced in it, it was the lags issue. But every thing except this issue was fine.

first thing is to login

then you press in the create after that new document and you name it

this is how it will look when you start

because it is web sometime it need to refresh as I said before

then I click on front side to draw the sketch on it. when I press skitch I need to select the front plane

first I make cercal

then I make square for the shaft

I finish the first skitch for the gear

then I extrude it .

then I start the second sketch on the circle, I make the octagonal on the top of the cercal.

Then I chose the circler pattern

next thing I did is extrude the octagonal.

To export the design I right click on the part then I chose the export

then I edit the setting of the export and press on OK.


inkscape drone

fution 360 3D drone

OnShape 3D Gear