Claudia Aguilar

Salvadorean, architect and photographer


I’m currently part of Fab Lab El Salvador, an association motivated by Carlos Valladares who participated at the World Conference FAB7 in 2011 in Lima, Perú. After this event he came back to El Salvador with the vision of creating a really open FABLAB in Central America. Since then Carlos and I’ve been promoting FABLAB and digital fabrication (at least theoretically) in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, our neighboring countries. We haven’t been able to generate the physical laboratory yet. My participation in this 2015 course aims to be the first woman in El Salvador and Central America and maybe with this, getting the necessary media attention to accomplish our purpose of creating an open FABLAB and getting the knowledge to properly promote digital fabrication in El Salvador.

Here is where I'm from:


I'm currently taking this course in FAB LAB TECSUP, in Lima-Perú.


Final Projecct Presentation

Principles and Practices
Computer-Aided Design
Computer-Controlled Cutting
Electronics Production
3D Sacanning and Printing
Electronics Design
Embedded Production
Computer-Controlled Machining
Molding And Casting
Input Devices
Output Devices
Networking and Communications
Applications and Implications
Interface and Application Programming
Mechanical Design
Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income
Project Development